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What top musicians said using Melos Rosin

JANOS STARKER (+2013) soloist,

I use your rosin and I am very satisfied. My colleagues and I really appreciate it! Cordially, Janos Starker

KYOKO TAKEZAWA soloist, Professor of the Toho Music School and Tokyo College of Music and served as a jury member for the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, Menuhin and Weniawski

I was very impressed with Melos Rosin. This is definitely one of the best rosin I have ever tried. It gives you a smoothness but at the same time, it gives you a bite, too and gives you fine quality sound. I am so glad to discover about this wonderful rosin!


Melos Rosin is the finest rosin we have ever tried.  It works equally well on our modern and old Italian instruments, for both chamber and solo playing.  All four of us are currently using it and enjoying fresh new sound and great traction. Bravo to Melos!

THOMAS DEMENGA soloist, Professor of cello at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel

Dear Christos, congratulations it feels great, with a real bite and produces a mellow sound: beautiful!
Just a note to say that I have been using your rosin, and like it
very much. Many thanks!
All best wishes - Steven
TARAS GABORA soloist, Professor for violin at Oberlin Conservatory, emeritus,
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver Academy of Music,
Director, Casalmaggiore International Festival
Dear Mr. Sykiotis:
Thank you for the sample of your rosin. The quality is excellent!

RAPHAEL WALLFISCH soloist, Professor of cello at the Zürich Winterthur Konservatorium

Dear Christos, both rosins (light & dark) are excellent, thank you....I wish you the best of succes!
JAN VOGLER soloist, chamber musician
...I like it very much. It is a strong rosin. I have played with "MELOS" rosin the Elgar's cello concerto and went very well ..congratulations!!
MASAKO HIRAO Viola da Gamba soloist, Annotation and translator of "Tratado de Glosas" of Diego Ortiz Lecturer in Kyoto City University of Arts

Good rosin will help rich articulation. Melos rosin make my work much easier. It produces less noise while helping me to play various expression of consonants.

RAINER ZIPPERLING cellist, Viola da Gamba, soloist, Professor in the "Hochscule für Musik Köln", member of the "Kamerata Koeln" ensemble and the "Fons Musicae" ensembles


It is finally here, the rosin for direct, clear, rich and warm speech.
That is what is needed gut strings. The wide selection will allow any player to find the suitable for themselves.
I recommend it to all my students out of conviction and therefore with joy!

XENIA JANKOVIC soloist, Professor of cello at the "Musikhochschule" in Wuerzburg


...I really like it very, very much... It is strong, but also soft and I have a very nice and precise feeling on the string. Once again, congratulations for the great rosin!
Xenia Jankovic

NATASHA KORSAKOVA soloist, chamber musician
Dear Christos,
your rosin is excellent indeed  and I enjoy playing
with it!
SUYEON KANG soloist, chamber musician
I tried Melos rosin about six years ago after receiving it as a gift from a friend: and today it is the only rosin I really like using: it supports clean, clear-cut articulation without unnecessary harshness; and helps achieve a beautiful, silky and mellow tonal quality which I appreciate very much. Thrilled to be using it!

MANRICO PADOVANI soloist, chamber musician

Dear Christos. Congratulations! The quality of the Melos Rosin (Dark & Light) ist really excellent.  It makes sound my violin very responsive, with a great mellow sound! I am very happy with Melos Rosin and very thankful to you for your great work! I wish you the success that you and your Melos Rosin deserves. With my warmest wishes, Manrico Padovani

JULIAN SCHWARZsoloist, chamber musician
"Melos light colored cello rosin is perfect for both solo and chamber music alike. It is the only rosin I have found that simultaneously cuts through an orchestra with impressive bite and clarity while affording tremendous warmth and sostenuto. It needs no breaking in time, and can be applied immediately before a performance. I use it generously--it is in a class of its own!"
WOLFGANG WÖLFER soloist, chamber musician

Yesterday I used Melos rosin first time in concert , and I am delighted!


Wolfgang Wölfer

soloist, member of the Perosi Ensemble, principal solo cellist in 
Orchestra Sinfonica di Savona, professor at Conservatorio Vivaldi in 
Alessandria, Italy.

Congratulations! I'm happy to say  to you my best compliments for your rosin, a real  surprise for me since few months. I have a dark one and all my  students,after a test,decided to buy it. It's incredible how it's "hard" on the strings producing a very mellow sound!

Thank you very much for the quality and best wishes.
Claudio Merlo

CHIHARU ABE Baroque violonist, soloist, chamber musician,member of the "Ensemble Concert Royal Köln" and the " Alte Musik Köln " ensemble
Melos Rosin for Baroque Violin have very good and quick response for the gut strings, so good, that I have never met before.
According the sound, I like very much also, how clear it is and the rich of overtones I hear by playing.
RAIMO SARIOLA Baroque violonist , Professor of cello at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
My favourite rosin is the Melos dark. Here in Finland, where the weather conditions are often dry in winter time, the softer rosin makes the bow bite nicely into the string and gives a clear, solid attack for the sound. Also the legatos are easy: the bow produces a brilliant sound on its own.
I warmly recommend Melos rosins to all cello lovers!
Raimo Sariola
Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
MARIA KLIEGEL soloist, Professor of cello at the Hochschule fuer Musik in Koeln "It is absolute fantastique....I will not use another rosin anymore! I recommend MELOS ROSIN highly after having tried it out for 6 months."
ALBERT MARKOV soloist, Professor of violin at the Manhattan School of Music

Thank you for sending your excellent rosin. I would be glad to recommend your product to my colleagues and students.

HIDEMI SUZUKI Cellist/Conductor Teaching at Tokyo University of Fine Art, principal Cellist of "Bach Collegium Japan" and the founder of the "Orchestra Libera Classica"

Gut strings respond differently under various climate, at times difficult to control. Three different kinds of Melos rosin made me a lot easier to adjust, and gave better contact with strings. I would recommend to all players.

Hidemi Suzuki

JEFFREY ZEIGLER chamber music cellist, Cellist of the Kronos Quartet

Thank you so much for introducing me to your rosin. It has been a joy for me to play on and I look forward to picking up my bow everyday thanks to your product!

All best, Jeff

JACOB SHAW  cellist, Soloist, Chamber musician,
Melos rosin is very fine indeed - it has a good contact on the string, and this helps towards giving a lovely mellow tone. I will use Melos now as my rosin, and I encourage others to try it as soon as possible!!

JUDITH GLYDE Professor, of Cello & Chamber Music
Chair, String Faculty
College of Music
University of Colorado

I have enjoyed the rosin, having used it for the past several months, in the humid climate of southern Italy and well as the dryness of Colorado!  In all situations it has worked beautifully, and seems to fit nicely with my instrument and bow.  Several of my colleagues and students have tried and have been wonderfully surprised!
ERIKA RAUM soloist, Professor of violin of the Glenn Gould School at The Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto. During the summer season, she serves on the faculty of The Banff Centre for the Arts.
Thank you, I've enjoyed using it. A little seems to go a very long way, and provides tremendous articulation.
ALEXANDER HUELSHOFF soloist, Professor of cello at the" Folkwang Hochschule" in Essen

Thank you very much for the excellent rosin. I am using it and I am very happy. I haven't used until now the "light" one but the "dark" for my art of playing is wonderful. Has a good "grab" but it's not "hard" and helps for the best articulation. Thank you , I will recomend it.

CHRISTOPH POPPEN Professor of Violin and Chamber Music at the "Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Muenchen". Director of the Munich Chamber Orchestra.

....just during these days I have performed 3 concerts with Bach Concertos with the Scotisch Chamber Orchestra and I have exclusivly used your rosin beeing very happy with the results! CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks and best wishes!

Christoph Poppen

EMILIO COLON Associate Professor of Cello
Indiana University School of Music, Executive Vice President,
Eva Janzer Memorial Cello Center, Curator,
Elite String Instrument Collection
I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me a sample of your new rosin. I would also like to congratulate you for fabricating such a wonderful rosin! Since you sent it I have been enjoying the quality and purity of sound that it allows. I have told a few of my students to look for it!
With all my best wishes for the great success your product deserves!
RAJAN KHRISNASWAMI soloist, Professor of cello at the Seattle Conservatory of Music
I have been using it every day. It is excellent rosin, as good as anything I have tried in the
past several years...
RICHARD HARWOOD soloist, chamber musician

I have been using your rosin in recent months and like it a lot!  Congratulations and thank you for sending a sample to me!
All best wishes, Richard
SIMON FISCHER Professor of violin at the Yehudi Menuhin School, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Guildhall School of Music & Drama
I just want to say that I do think that the rosin is beautiful - it is soft, and comes off on to the bow very easily, and the feel of the bow afterwards is excellent. Knowing that it is hand-made and completely pure makes it is a pleasure to use.

I am already recommending it.

PETER LISSAUER soloist, Head of the String Department at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

I have been very impressed by the quality and effectiveness of MELOS ROSIN. Thank you for making such a wonderful product,

With best wishes Peter

LEVON ABARTSUMIAN soloist, Professor at theUniversity of Georgia's School of Music as the Franklin Professor of Violin, artistic director and conductor of ARCO Chamber Orchestra
Dear Christos.
This rosin is excellent.
I do not know anything better for now.
Thank you.

OLEH KRYSA soloist, Professor of violin at Eastman School of Music
Thank you very much for a wonderful gift. Melos Rosin is one of the best rosin in the world. I'll recommend it very strongly to my colleagues and students.
MAGDALENA REZLER soloist, Professor of violin at the University of Music in Freiburg
Your rosin is excellent and I like it very much! The feeling and contact with the strings are perfect.


H. Davis (violin) Professor of violin at the Royal Academy of Music, P. Pople (violin), M. Souter (viola), D. Smith (cello)

Marvelous rosin! Thank you. In the Alberni String Quartet we are all running on Melos Rosin!!
JOAN JEANRENAUD soloist, chamber musician
Melos rosin has a smooth finish & holds the bow to the string perfectly for spinning a luscious tone from my instrument.
STEPHEN CLAPP Dean of The Juilliard School, Professor for violin

I have been using your rosin since it came, and find it excellent--good "grab" without much dust left on the violin.

I wish you well in this venture. Sincerely, Stephen Clapp

ULRIKE-ANIMA MATHE soloist, Professor of violin, chamber musician
I have been playing a number of concerts with it since and I like it very much. It is excellent! All my best wishes!    ulrike-anima Mathé
PATRICIA POLLETT soloist, Associate Professor of violin & viola at the
School of Music in the
....I think it's terrific, the best I've tried. I have happily been using the same rosin for over 20 years, but will now change to Melos and recommend it to my students and colleagues. Thank you again.
YURI ZHISLIN Professor of violin at the Royal College of Music, soloist, chamber musician

...yes, I am very happy with the rosin, thank you very much. Best wishes,

Yuri Zhislin

STEFAN POPOV soloist, Professor of cello at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Your rosins are excellent. They have a quality that no other rosin has; they have the necessary grip but produces very little powder which is a big advantage for solo playing. Another quality is that they sustain the grip for days. Maybe I prefer your dark winter rosin and without a doubt it is a big achievement for you. I have nothing more to say but to congratulate you! For the solo player, the rosin is a very important part and I can say that I know almost every rosin in existence. Very few can compete with your brand. I strongly recommend them to any string player especially for cellists!
KYIAKOS GOUVENTAS Soloist, Freelance musician, traditional music chamber mucisian After thirty years experiments with different brands of rosins I can say that Melos Rosin keep the balance between a warm and rich sound and the special techniques of the bow use. I recommend it to my students and colleagues in the last 10 years as I have best results for every of my needs as musician.
MARK LEWIS Worship, Bluegrass, Celtic fidlle player The tone and playability of my new bow immediately returned! This is great rosin! I love the tone and the   way it grips the strings! Thank you! I will use this
rosin from   now on, and I will recommend Melos Rosin to all of my students and   other
professional violinists!

WEI TSUN CHANG Professor at Tennessee Technological University

I tried the light violin rosin immediately, and found it to be a superb rosin! I love the high quality of this rosin. I love the sound it pulls on my violin with almost no dust. I will be using this rosin from now on, and I will recommend Melos to my colleagues and students.
ANAEL ROUSSEAU Solo cellist at the Rouen Opera Orchestra
Dear colleague, thanks for the wonderful rosin for the cello. Sound is incredible. It has a "core" soulful sound and nothing edgy. Also the bass articulate very well. Your rosin brings soul to the sound, even if the technical aspects (detache, legato, spiccato, martelato, battuto...) are already perfect, ... So it brings essential dimension in cello playing. Thanks again for making this possible ... !!! Anaël
MARGARET HOPKINS Violinist, Professor teaches violin at schools in Saco and Old Orchard Beach, as well as Portland Conservatory of Music

I am experiencing the effects your rosin has on my bow and violin and my smile grows larger each time I play.

Margaret Bruziak Hopkins

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" ....
Bethold Auerbach

As part of our international career, we have increasingly had the opportunity to use your rosin which is truly fantastic and we always recommend that to students and colleagues.
I received the sample and like it very much.
I am using it all the time now .
Thank you very much.
RUDI BERGER Jazz Violinist & Composer
Melos Rosin lets me express my music and interpretations with ease & joy.
My favourite Rosin since years.
Rudi Berger - Viennese Jazz Violinist & Composer

DIMITRIS GOUZIOS "..I play with "MELOS" rosin and I think it's an excellent stuff!"

ROSS DALY "...the rosin is amazing, I use it always ...  is exactly what I need!"

CHRIS WHITE "They are very good! I would be happy to mention them ...." New Directions Cello Association & Festival

MARTIN S. WEBER Dear Mr. Sykiotis your rosin is excellent. It has a phantastic adhesion, so I can play with it very well! I thank you very much!

ADRIAN LEVINE Professor at Royal College of Music "The quality is very good indeed, and it sounds wonderful on my favourite Dominique Peccatte bow.  The sound is very strong and pure, with excellent grip but no scratch..."

ERNOE SEBESTYEN "Your rosin is very good! I will recommend it to all my students and my collegues. Thank you!"

Musicians that they use "MELOS" rosin in Greece :

D.Gouzios(cello), New Greek Quarttet:G. Demertzis(violin), D. Handrakis(violin), C.Sira(viola), A.Handrakis(cello),   M.Siganidis(bass), D.Patras(cello), M.Liatsos(cello), M.Chimarios(bass), K. Kouventas(violin), E. Politis(bass), R. Daly(const.lyra), M. Michailidis(violin), K. Vozikis(violin), I.Papadopoulos(pont.lyra), G. Manolas(cello), S. Sinopoulos(const.lyra), R.Baltas(cello), Z.Stepits(cello), F. Kesapidis(pont.lyra), N. Gialenios(violin), T. Misirlis(cello) J.Vlachos(violin), M.Kaliotzidis(pont.lyra), A. Mardas(bass), J. Zevgolis(violin), J. Tasioula(violin), K. Papamoschos(violin), D. Kailoglou(cello), M.Rasidakis(crecian lyra),N. Samolis(crecian lyra),G. Papadakis(crecian lyra),S. Mesaritakis(crecian lyra),I. Paterakis(crecian lyra),N. Aerakis(crecian lyra),S.Perselis(crecian lyra)