Quality matters

Melos Rosins are made by using high quality Greek raw pine tree resin and colophony combined with the finest of other ingredients, which are all handpicked by local suppliers to ensure their freshness, pureness, and deliver to the highest standard. After numerous experiments and thorough testings with different strings, instrument bodies and temperatures, we established a product line which efficiently delivers under any condition for every bow instrument.

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Our Series

Melos Rosin cakes are divided into three distinct categories: Classical, Baroque and World.


The Classical series offers a wide variety of rosins for violin, viola, cello and bass instruments which come in two different types, Light and Dark. The Light type is designed for high temperatures -spring or summer- for silky and warm qualities for solo or chamber music. The Dark type grips the string harder than the Light one and is designed for low

temperatures -autumn or winter- for full-tone playing, in an orchestra or solo concerts. Especially for cello, on musicians’ demand, we also introduced Melos Cello Sticky Rosin. This profound product is softer in consistency and grips the strings stronger than the Cello Dark one. For our young musicians who play the violin, cello or bass, we also offer mini and funny rosins, having the same consistency with our normal ones, but different amount of product.


The Baroque series offers rosins specially made for violin, viola and cello baroque instruments, as well as for the viol family instruments. The detail that differentiates this series to the Classical one is that these products are designed especially for gut strings, taking also into account the different instrument bodies of baroque and viol instruments. All of our Baroque Rosins are Dark.


The World series offers three rosins for erhu and Greek traditional instruments, Pontian, Cretan and Politiki lyra. These products are exclusively designed for the above mentioned instruments to respond to their distinct tone quality and body shape.